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Short videos with high information density in about 2 minutes is the name of the game. Let’s talk about how you may benefit from a well produced video.

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We love all things web, video, film, imaging and creating new stories to help relay messages.

Project: Get Top ranking on google in 24 hours – The Dough Nut of Bend, Oregon

Case Study:

The Dough Nut – fresh scratch made doughnuts –

An end result game plan was devised, digital film and stills were then produced, along with a site and branding campaign central to the theme; the Pizza Doughnut – a breakout new product.

In 24 hours it was ranked by google on the first page and has a solid following since. A great business and people behind it.

Interesting in the reverse engineering a void and filling it ‘think like the google engine’ case with fast results.

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What do we specialize in? 120 second, scripted videos are the specialty

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We specialize in effective, cost efficient comprehensive business growth packages. Laser focus the message, build a PR and organic footprint strategy, built a modular site, integrate HD video, focus on content, help make your social media post relevant and shared; all resulting in growth. Video has large amounts of information density and is the future of the modern web.

Greenwood Films Reel 2013 from GreenwoodFilms on Vimeo.

We have a new-school business model: advanced hardware, the best talent and low overhead. This site is filled with case studies of success.

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